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Bringing the Benefits of Modern Technology to Your Business

While technology keeps on evolving and improving with time, people not aware of the latest developments in this field often miss out on the benefits they are supposed to bring. We bridge the gap between advanced technology and the conveniences you need for your business. We’ll let you enjoy the benefits modern technology has to offer through our expertise and excellent customer service. Teleco Pro is the service provider you can rely on to let you get the best out of cutting-edge digital technology.  

Our Services

Satellite and Antenna Installation

We can install two-way satellite facilities for ground or maritime stations for either fixed or mobile applications. Used for broadband remote broadcast, telecommunications, and mobile communications, and Internet or narrowband such as POS transactions, satellite installation is useful even when a cable or fiber connection is not available. 

Digital Signage

We can install a content distribution platform centrally controlled where you can show your advertising, message, or information to the targeted audience in one or multiple display screens. You can playback digital content for a highly effective promotional or information campaign. 

Routers and Switches

   We install and configure office IP routers, which forward IP packets between the computers and the Internet, as well as multiple routers capable of connecting businesses and ISP networks to powerful networks, transmitting high-speed data along optical fiber lines.

Wireless Wi-Fi Routers and Access Points

We can provide internet access to your devices on any commercial properties and business offices through the installation of a wireless Wi-Fi router, which allows the receipt of information from, as well as transmittal of information to the Internet then communicates it to your main Wi-Fi network. 

Your Partner to Cutting-Edge Technology


The benefits you can get from today’s technology can be maximized by working not just with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor but with a partner committed to your project’s success and to providing the most benefits for your investments. Teleco Pro has the expertise, skills, and many years of experience working with new and emerging technologies. The technical competencies along with the continuous training for the skills upgrade of our staff allow us to take on the challenges of working with any cutting-edge technology and applications. We have proven this consistently with the successful installation, management, and maintenance of commercial network projects we have undertaken over the years.      

Work With Us!

Ensure the success of your new technology digital projects by making Teleco Pro your partners. We guarantee that you get the most benefit from our installations now and beyond. We provide you with a scalable facility that will let you grow and move to more advanced technologies for the future.