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Modern technology has evolved extensively over the last decade, and without knowledge of this domain, it can become problematic & laborious to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape. However, when correctly implemented modern technology can drastically improve the essence of a business and its owner.

Thus the creation of Teleco Pro, LLC.

Teleco Pro’s Mission: Promote the benefits of digital technology while enhancing client’s well-being & quality of life.

With over a decade of experience in this field of study, Michael McCrady, created Teleco Pro to serve businesses by implementing modern tech. Michael knew he wanted to make sure that his clients got the most affordable equipment without compromising on quality. He also understood that owners do not have the time or expertise to be hassled with contact dozens of vendors to find fair pricing or have maintenance conducted. By giving the customer a quality product at a fair price while eliminating the need for an owner to keep systems operational. Teleco Pro has increased the quality of life of several business owners.

Another problem that Teleco Pro sought to resolve was the scaling concerns of businesses. A majority of providers will willingly drop by and install their systems and even maintain them (if you call). However, Teleco Pro needed to take it a step further by making sure that the systems implemented would scale with the business. Technology is not only constantly evolving; the capabilities also expand and this must be taken into consideration when designing a modern solution.

Bottom line: Teleco Pro is founded on the principles of “Our customers’ success is our success.” That is why Teleco Pro consults the client on their needs, designs a solution, coordinates installation of systems, provides maintenance & repairs, and guarantees full functionality of their products.

Modern Tech Solutions for Nebraska Businesses


Sirius XM Radio

200+ Business-friendly channels spanning more than a dozen genres.
Great fit for every restaurant, office, and retail outlet. Also, all royalty fees are paid for including ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC with a business subscription.
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Zero-latency & Uncompromised! It offers tangible cost savings and greater system versatility and scalability over traditional systems.
SDVoE technology creates a flexible hardware and software platform which can enable many applications including matrix switches, KVM extenders, video wall controllers and image processors. It can also be integrated into specialty sources and displays, all networkable.
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Digital Signage

Digital signage allows customization of your message which greatly increases the conversion rate. Bring your business into the future, and wow your customers.
Advertisements are the main component of all businesses. Changing out your printed ads can be costly. Cut long-term costs by introducing digital signage to your business.
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Fiber Internet

Experience a powerful fiber-backed network connection with data speeds of 1 gig fiber. Providing unlimited TV and entertainment, reliable services you can trust.
So whether you use the internet for Work, School, or Entertainment, rely on our Fiber Internet to deliver a substantial advantage to home or office.
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Wireless Access Points

Wi-Fi network solution to expedite the demands of your business. Ensuring your business is not interrupted by slow or unstable connections.
Ensure your business is not interrupted by slow or unstable connections.
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Satellite Antenna Installation

Satellite technology has come a long way. Whether it is broadband or narrowband your business demands.
Our broadband satellite provides internet, TV, remote broadcast, mobile communications, and more. Our narrowband application satellite provides POS transactions, auto-ain multi-satellite systems with HD and Ultra HD capabilities.
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Customer's Thoughts

"Michael really is very knowledgeable in his expertise. He is a breeze to communicate, he makes sure I understand the process and keeps the information easy for me to understand. You don't have to worry about getting your systems in place as Michael always got the job done efficiently . Definitely recommend that he is the best! 10 Stars"
Andrew Keller
CEO, WolfPack Influence

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